How Every Sales Professional Can Benefit From Red Top Marketing

Ever wish you could create a system for marketing and advertising that costs far less than what you are spending now? Especially if it also had a stronger impact on your targeted consumers? You don’t have to create it. Red Top Marketing already has.

Our unique formula for video marketing has been proven successful for Brokers and Brokerages, operating in both independent as well as franchise business models.

Whether you are a stand-alone operation, a single agent, a team, or a full brokerage the Red Top Marketing Formula will allow you to stand out and garner more business.

Today’s reality is: the internet has disrupted the traditional consumer shopping experience allowing new business models. The old brick and mortar storefront is no longer required to have a successful business. Likewise, the days of needing expensive equipment and an editing studio staffed by professionals to create a successful video are gone.

We’ve examined the works and techniques of award-winning video professionals and found the least expensive way to create eye-catching messages that compel and sell. You’ll learn the few pieces of equipment needed to create messages that stand out. And you’ll learn how to create videos that keep the consumer’s attention and interest.  Better than that, you’ll learn the other side of the equation. The one that your competitors haven’t – and probably won’t – figure out.

Red Top Marketing has done extensive research into Social Media. We will show you placement strategies that will allow you to save your budget and get greater results than what you are currently getting.

Red Top Marketing offers classes and seminars that will get your business in front of the public, sellers, buyers and if you consider ROI, your competition.



OWN LISTING APPOINTMENTS – Stop wasting time and money on lead generating systems that are not profitable for you!  Imagine finally having an advantage in your next listing appointment.  Imagine attracting buyers and sellers directly; without fees or expense.  Our approach to marketing is proven and this is your opportunity to flatten the learning curve and get ahead of the competition.

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LEVERAGE SCALE – You have the advantage.  Keep more of the money you’re already making by leveraging the benefit of working as a team.  It’s proven to reduce marketing expenses, while improving your listing penetration.  Teams are the perfect sized business model to leverage the advantage of video marketing.  Our approach is proven and this is your opportunity to smash the competition.

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INCREASE PROFIT – Franchise or Independent; our approach to marketing works to reduce your variable operating expenses.  Reducing expense while increasing gross income; it’s the ‘Golden Goose’ you’ve been searching for!  Attract productive agents in your market by giving them an advantage only found in your business model.  Take advantage of our knowledge and learning curve.

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